Horse Racing System Checker (HRSC)

Horse Racing System Checker (HRSC) is actually a piece of software that I originally developed for my own private use because I found entering everything into a spreadsheet on a daily basis was time-consuming and boring. On top of this, I found that the records kept were limited in their usefulness. Yes, it allowed me to see which bets had won and which had lost and it could even calculate my Profit/Loss situation but... so what? I could usually tell whether I was up or down simply by looking at my bookie account balances!

So, I created HRSC in order to not only make the data entry quicker but also to allow me to actually get some real answers from the data collected.

When I started to use this embryonic version of HRSC, I was posting the results of the analysis on a discussion forum and other forum users, intrigued and excited by the data I was able to produce, began to ask me what software I was using to obtain it.

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That was all a few years ago now and, to cut a long story short, I made HRSC available to other users and, to this day, we all still use it on a daily basis and have been raking in the profits ever since.

As I was sharing the software with other people who actively bet on horse racing, it wasn't long before these users started to message with things along the lines of, "It's good but it would be even better if it would do this... [insert great idea here]" and wherever possible, these ideas were implemented and HRSC has now grown to become a highly sophisticated piece of kit with features that I probably wouldn't have even thought of adding but which have benefitted myself and other HRSC users enormously.

So What Does It Do?

At its most basic level, HRSC allows you to set up "Systems" and then insert selections into those Systems. It then automatically checks these selections throughout the day and inputs whether the selections won or lost and adds the Betfair Starting Price in order to obtain the Profit/Loss situation for each System.

The basic output is a little like this:-

But that's just the start. Once you have started to build up this body of data, you have the ability to ask questions of your own and receive the answers at the click of a button.

Questions you might want the answers to are: What are the areas which this System is most profitable in? Where am I losing money?

HRSC can give you the answers to these questions very easily and this is where it beats the old spreadsheet approach to recording bets all hands down.

For example:-

Here I have decided to look at the Gender breakdowns (there are a total of 16 different components that can be broken down in this manner) for the horses I've been following in a System I have called "Standouts". As you can clearly see, Fillies and Mares have proven to be quite unprofitable.

Now, based on this evidence, I might decide to stop entering Fillies and Mares into the System (I certainly might decide to actually stop backing them) but HRSC allows you to save Presets for each System and analyse them seperately in the same way.

For example, I might Save a Preset for my Standout System which excludes Fillies and Mares. The original System will still be there but this Preset becomes a "sub-set" of the selections within it but it is treated almost like an entirely new System.

Indeed, this is what I ended up doing with this Standout System and, by identifying those areas which weren't profitable, I was able to turn this:-

Into this:-

As you can see, not only have I almost doubled the profit but I've increased my Return On Investment seven-fold, reduced Losing Runs and reduced my Maximum Drawdown from a pretty painful 74 Points to a much more absorbable 17 Points for the System.

Now I appreciate that some might call this "backfitting" but, to my mind, it's only backfitting when it doesn't work as you go forwards and HRSC has alerted me to many problem areas within Systems I've been following well in advance and has saved me from putting my hard-earned on selections which have been, and probably will continue to be, unprofitable.

Take this example:-

Now I'm quite prepared to acknowledge that there probably isn't enough data there to make any concrete decisions (just 52 selections on record) but it is hard to ignore the fact that this system has been performing much better in Chases than it has been in Hurdle races. Knowing that would definitely make me more cautious when backing the Hurdle selections and, if this trend were to continue, I'd probably stop backing them altogether.

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At the time of writing, using HRSC, I am keeping records of more than 35 Systems (and each System has at least one Saved Preset - some have five) simultaneously. That would be an awful lot of work using the old spreadsheet approach and I'd suggest that I simply wouldn't be able to keep track of it all. I'd get bogged down and confused. With HRSC, keeping records of all this is simple and actually quite enjoyable as the rewards for the efforts are readily apparent every time I log into my Betfair account!

I'd just like to show you another System which I'm currently following. Here's the Overall Summary for it:-

As you can see, it had a good 2014 but has struggled a bit so far in 2015 but this could possibly be explained by some bets within it which have been on a horrendous losing run. Take a look at this which is a Preset (a sub-set) of the System:-

As you can see, this Preset is currently on a losing run (CLR) of 53 which is the longest on record (LLR).

This can sometimes be used to your advantage, though. Let me show you another screen which HRSC produces:-

What you're looking at there is the Losing Run Status screen which shows you the state of play with all your Systems and their Saved Presets.

As you can see, this Preset for the EW System (Preset 3) has been flagged in red which means it is within a bet or two of its longest losing run. A quick look at yet another HRSC output screen shows us the following:-

Preset 3 has several selections today... hmmm...

The result?

As you can see, No Planning won at 8/1 (the BSP was actually 10.0). I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have spotted that with my old spreadsheets!

So far, I've shown you just some of the things that HRSC can do to help you to record and analyse your systems but I've not really touched on the other areas that HRSC has to offer.

HRSC also has its very own System Creator Area.

This area allows you to test historic results (going all the way back to January 2012) against your specified filters. For example, do you want to know the Profit/Loss situation had you backed all PF Nicholls horses in Class One races at Cheltenham? It's not pretty... you'd have lost 48 points! A click of a couple of buttons in the System Creator Area also tells me that if you'd LAYED those horses to win 10 points on Betfair you'd have won 341 points... hmmm... interesting...

I digress. You can play around with this area to your hearts' content. Indeed, playing around with this area has resulted in me finding several profitable Systems which I continue to monitor to this day.

Another area is The Dobbing Machine. This area is for those who would like to test their Systems using a Dobbing approach. For those that don't know what this is, DOBbing stands for "Double Or Bust". It's where you back with a points and then lay two points if the horse comes down to 50% of its Betfair Starting Price in-running.

HRSC's Dobbing Machine allows you to set any amount of points to back and lay and it also allows you to change the lay percentage figure to anything you like. It all makes for some interesting analysis.

HRSC also has its own Stats Area. The Stats on offer are similar to those which feature on this site but they are enhanced for HRSC Users and give much more information than those featured on here.

Also, you can insert the horses straight from the Stats Area into any of your Systems with just a couple of clicks.

There's even more to HRSC than this but I think I've gone on enough about it for now. The best thing to do is to check it out for yourself. Use it for a little while to record your own systems (or even use it to keep track of tipsters etc you might be following) and get to see how much it aids you for yourself.

The price for all of this is just £8.99 a month and, depending on how much you typically stake on a horse racing bet, HRSC could recoup this by preventing you from placing a bet or two which are almost certainly going to lose.

If you're still not entirely convinced then let me just assure you that HRSC comes with a no-nonsense Money Back Guarantee. Subscribe to HRSC and if you are not entirely satisfied with it, cancel your Paypal recurring payment within your first month of using HRSC and I will immediately refund your first month's subscription - no questions asked.

I really can't be fairer than that so if you would like to take a more professional approach to your horse racing betting and start to keep proper records which can be analysed, scrutinised and tested to the point of near destruction, give HRSC a go. I'm convinced it will change the way you bet on horse racing and I'm equally convinced that you will soon find that it pays for itself.

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